one year blogiversary q&a || i’m extremely late but oh well

Are we going to ignore the fact that it’s been more than 4 months since my blogiversary?

Yes. Yes we are.

Firstly, thank you all for actually sending in questions and feedback because I was ready for the google form to be a complete failure but it wasn’t??? THANK YOU! and secondly I KNOW this is very long overdue, and that is completely my fault. Procrastination does tend to get a hold of me more times than I’d like it too.

But hey after all those four months I’ve finally decided to get a grip on myself and at least make an attempt at writing this, so that’s gotta count for something right??? I’m really putting “new year new me” into action this year 😎

Anyways moving on, my feedback form and q&a form are still open if you’d like to send something through, I’d love to hear anything else from you!

without further ado, the questions-

What’s the oldest (purchased date not publication one) book on your physical TBR?

we’re only on the first question and I’m already going to get called out.

My physical tbr is currently at massive heights and I’m honestly terrified by just looking at it, but I think my oldest book on there would have to be Passenger by Alexandra Bracken. I actually mentioned that I bought this in my first post ever (please don’t look back at it. for both your sake and mine) and I STILL haven’t gotten around to it. BUT I did *try* reading it, and eventually still gave up though, but hey it’s the effort that counts.

*the so-called effort is me reading a total of two chapters*

If you could visit any fantasy world which one would it be?

I read fantasy for purely one reason- escapism. So to answer your question I would like to visit every single fantasy world out there. Disregarding the fact that I would die in every single one of them.

but specifically the answer is camp half blood.

What’s the best thing about blogging?

THE COMMUNITY!! I love you guys so much, it’s insane that I’ve met so many fellow book obsessed people on here and I just LOVE ranting and talking about books with all of you!! And the fact that people from all around the world read my nonsensical ramblings means so much to me (thank you!) also ARCS are the COOLEST even though I’m helplessly behind on reading them.

What’s your least favorite book?

I have a long long list of these. And honestly I want to rant about all of them in depth but I think I may just save that for a separate little post. To keep it short some of my least favourites include-

  • Eleanor and Park – SUCH A BAD BOOK, TERRIBLE, DISGUSTING, who even let this be published??? the blatant racism is so sad to see.
  • Divergent – this book may be the very reason why I barely read dystopia these days. however good if you’re looking for a dumb futuristic society which is a duplicate of every 2010 book written, featuring a rip-off katniss everdeen.
  • Shatter Me – I would like to throw this book against a wall and rip out all the pages with strike-throughs in them. Which basically means I would have to rip out every single page in the book.
  • The Jewel– hah. HAHAH. why do I keep on subjecting myself to such horrendous books. this basically the selection but worse. ( I didn’t know that was possible either )
  • The Alchemist- I think I just don’t like this one because we were forced to listen to the audiobook in school. Those were some of the most monotonous days of my life. No personal grudge against the book though, since I can’t remember what even happened in it.

Would you rather disappear from the online bookish community forever and read as many books as you desired, or stay within the community and never read another book in your life? **Muhahaha, insert this question maker’s evil cackling here 😈**


I CANNOT imagine living without the bookish community typing into my tiny little computer screen everyday writing about books, but I mean no books at all??? THAT’S EVEN WORSE.

so I’d have to go without the book community and read as many books as I desired BUT TRUST ME I WOULDN’T LAST LONG

this question made me contemplate everything.

What’s the last song you heard?

I don’t have spotify open right now but if I’m not mistaken it was ‘Greek God’ by Conan Gray since I’m going to see him live in a few weeks!!!

What are the chances of Conan playing this song live? Zero. Am I still going to hopelessly manifest that he does? Yes. Yes I am. Also I strongly believe that Sunset Season had some of Conan’s best songs so I’ve got to give it all the love.

Which bookshelf organization method is the most superior?

None. Just do what I do and don’t organise your books at all. Who needs nice clean bookshelves when you could instead have stacks and stacks of books piling up everywhere???

I’ve tried a lot of bookshelf organising techniques thanks to all the og booktubers I used to watch back in the day and honestly series-wise or genre-wise is your best pick. However, colour coordinated and rainbow shelves look SO MUCH MORE prettier but it is practically impossible to find anything.

I still think no organisation is the best option though.

If you were suddenly transformed into a turtle and couldn’t change back, how would you deal with the situation?

Honestly I’d be pretty happy and live a nice, chill life. Turtles have it good.

Or I would like to become a teenage mutant ninja turtle.

Whichever works.

What Genre do you read the most of?

HORROR. I genuinely cannot think of the last time I read a horror book other than 4th grade when I read those Creepover books and used to get nightmares every night. I still remember the plot of all them so vividly because they were TERRIFYING.

What’s your favorite song at the moment?

Warrior of the Mind by the Epic Ensemble, The Horse and The Infant by the Epic Ensemble (I like the Epic Ensemble, can you tell?) Where do we go now by Gracie Abrams and The Campfire Song from The Lightning Thief Musical. The Lightning Thief musical is PHENOMENAL and much better than the movies I promise (at this rate anything is better than the movies)

January is my existential crisis month hence it is also the month I fall back into my musical theatre obsession.

What are you favourite movies?

La La Land still remains on the top after all this while but The Half Of It and Everything Everywhere All At Once have now become close seconds. Also ANY Studio Ghibli movie, but I think my current favourite from them is Princess Mononoke.

What cover do you wish had a redesign?

Foul Lady Fortune. I ADORE this book and the cover is actually this really pretty metallic pink in real life however the graphic design??? WHAT WENT WRONG WITH THE GRAPHIC DESIGN. I’m not the biggest fan of the font either 😐

What is a book quote you have never forgotten?

I simply could not choose just one but these are my absolute favourites.

What book/series made you love reading?

cupcake diaries and the rainbow magic series ✋ those books were the PINNACLE of literature for 6-year-old Suhani. They’re honestly still really good after all the years.

Is cheese better or mayonnaise?


if you do the cheese gods will come after you.

watch out.

What’s your height?

5’4 or 5’5 I think I’m not at all sure lol.

What are your hobbies other than reading?

Making art when I’m not facing art block (specifically painting), swimming, playing violin, going on wikipedia spirals, doodling, dancing, badminton, blogging (does this one count??) and film photography!

Talk about one achievement which you are really proud of?

I’m honestly very proud of all the medals I’ve gotten in swim meets and basically just proud of any swim event I’ve been a part of ! Also I’m very happy with my progress in Hindi because I used to be so bad at the language but I’m actually proficient (sorta) in it now!

Who is your favourite singer and why?

ouch this is a hard one because I have SO MANY. I feel like my absolute favourite would have to be Lorde though, Melodrama basically shaped 99% of my personality. Arctic Monkeys, Laufey, Eloise, Mitski, Maggie Rogers and NIKI are all up there as well! I recently went to an Alec Benjamin concert too (best night ever) and I’m still in awe of his live vocals so he’s definitely a part of this list too (bad quality concert pic attached 🥰)

Who is your favourite author?

V.E Schwab. Hands down. I don’t think I’ve read a single V.E Schwab book which I hated and that is so insane??? This Savage Song was one of the first books that got me into the YA genre and The Shades of Magic trilogy got me started into adult fantasy so I’ll always be grateful for how big of an impact her books made on me. Also Vicious has been my entire personality trait for the past few months LIKE HELLO VICTOR AND ELI??? I adore V.E Schwab’s characters so much.

What’s your favourite book?


but any of these are work too….

What’s a guilty pleasure?

reading ao3 and wattpad. no further comment.

oh also rewatching modern family for the millionth time because it is the height of modern television.

What’s something people won’t guess about you?

I used to dance professionally for 8 years and I don’t mention it much on here but it was definitely an interesting time… I just dance for fun now though because those 8 years were more than enough for me lol

also the fact that I am deathly afraid of dogs and cats (eh you could actually easily guess this since I have never been found near one) but yes I am absolutely terrified of them.

How’s your 2023 going?? Have you read any good books recently?? Most importantly do you believe mayo is better than cheese ? (just saying…cheese always reigns supreme)

That’s it for this post, and I couldn’t include all the questions so maybe I’ll make a part two?? highly doubt it but oh well.

also did you guys realise that i actually have not taken a month long hiatus?? IT’S A NEW RECORD

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