Review Policy

First of all thank you for considering me 😀, but before sending me anything please read my review policy.

I only accept Middle Grade and Young Adult books currently. I accept the following formats- Ebooks, ARCs, Physical ARCS . I will not be accepting audiobooks.

I will only be taking in books within the following genres- Middle grade and Young adult fiction, Sci-fi , Contemporary, romance, fantasy, dystopian, historical fiction, adventure.

I will not be accepting the following genres- erotica, paranormal, spiritual, non-fiction, biographies. Any request for a book from this genre will be kindly turned down. For anything else not mentioned in my list please mention it first.

If I receive a book, I will pick it up in the next 2-3 days and a review will be out 2-3 weeks after. As I am a student this schedule may change but I will try to get the review out as soon as possible. Do note that if it is a part of a series I will require the previous books as well.

In my review I will be discussing the plot, characters, writing, etc. I will be attaching a picture(mostly of my own) at the top of the review along with a short summary beneath it and also with my rating. I will also point out if I dislike any aspects of the book and my review may contain spoilers also. All thoughts are of my own and if you are not you are not ok with any of the following , mention it to me and I will change my review accordingly.

If you would like to send a book over to me, you can reach out to me at or leave a message in the form inserted below. In your email/message please be sure to include- title, author, synopsis, genre, format of the book, and any additional information if required.


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