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Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag || PLUS EXCITING NEWS!

It has indeed been a while since I’ve done a tag, almost eight months to be exact??? BUT THIS IS A TAG I HAVE BEEN WAITING TO DO FOR THE LONGEST TIME.

We’re already halfway through 2022 which is INSANE to believe, and you know what’s even crazier?

*drumroll please*

SUHANI CREATED A BOOKSTAGRAM ACCOUNT!! YUP YUP YUP I AM NOT JOKING. After months of persuading the parents, and months of getting persuaded by friends- I finally caved in and created one! And oh boy I have no clue how in the world this app works??? Even though I’m a part of the tech-savvy generation (oOh gEn Z) I actually have no clue how social media operates. heck, I’ve had Goodreads for almost a year and it still makes NO SENSE TO ME??? WHY IS IT SO DIFFICULT TO USE GOODREADS??? PLUS WHY IS THE LAYOUT SO UGLY?? So, anyways I’m counting on all of you Instagramers to teach me the ways of your insanely cool universe. Sorry if I’m just awkward and weird at the beginning and have no sense of aestheticness in my photos, let’s just pray it gets better as time progresses😭 My username is startouchedpages, and I’ve attached the link too if you’d like to check it out!

IN OTHER NEWS- SUMMER BREAK HAS STARTED!!! woohoo!! Even though my main goal is to be a social recluse and stay hidden in the corner of my room this entire break, I’M STILL SO EXCITED!! mangoes, ice cream, AND BOOKS??? what more could I ask for. (Speaking of which I had the most amazing mango milkshake after swim practice, and everything felt so summery- IT WAS PERFECT.) I also need to get on top of my goodreads goal ( fourteen books behind and still slaying ) AND I AM TRYING TO CONVINCE MYSELF IT IS POSSIBLE, after all being alone for 24 hours every day has to benefit me in some way right??

Well after that crazy amount of rambling, we’ve finally reached the main part of this post~ “The Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag”, where I rant and rave about my least favorite and favorite reads of the year so far!

Best book you’ve read so far in 2022?

THIS IS SUCH A DIFFICULT ONE??? HOW DOES ONE DECIDE??? *but ahem I do have a bookstagram post about it if you’d like to check it out ahem*

If I had to choose just one though ( who makes these rules ugh )I think I’d have to go with Our Violent Ends! Maybe it’s due to the fact that I just read this and am REELING after that ending, or perhaps because of my love for Celia and Juliette, but it truly was an astounding read! Going back to the rich, luscious world of Shanghai in the 1900s, and seeing all the action and plot twists unfold right beneath our noses simply made me fall in love with this book!

Best sequel you’ve read in 2022?

Ah yes, how could I choose anything but the iconic wicked king for this prompt?? Arguably the best book in this series ( no you cannot disagree this is the superior one from the trilogy ) with excessive Jurdan content, an enticing plot, plus the angst??? It blew my expectations out of the water. I grew to love Jude a lot more in this book, AND THE BANTER OH GOSH I LOVE IT! maybe I’ll write a full review for this series if I can ever fully comprehend my thoughts( it’s been five months and I’m still trying) but needless to say, it was SO GOOD, AND GO READ THIS IF YOU HAVEN’T YET!

New release you haven’t read yet, but you want to

AH, THERE ARE SO MANY GOOD BOOKS GETTING RELEASED THIS YEAR! I’m never ever up to date with new releases agh, I usually get to them like three years after they’re published, but I mean this year I’m hoping to change that? I’m so so excited to read family of liars because I actually did not hate we were liars like everyone else?? I ENJOYED IT?? *gasp* And even though I don’t really expect this one to be as good as the first book, I’m still looking forward to seeing how it goes!

most anticipated release for the second half of the year

Foul Lady fortune by Chloe Gong! I think this is getting released sometime in September, AND I AM SO EXCITED!! Chloe Gong has quickly climbed the ranks to become one of my favorite authors of all time, AND THIS IS IN ROSALIND’S POV TOO?? * cue the extreme heart palpitations *

biggest disappointment

the fact that I didn’t even have to think about this for a second is a bit concerning isn’t it?? I don’t think I’ve ever been completely let down by a book, and then I read red, white, and royal blue. Now I can rant about this book FOR AGES, but quite frankly I know there’s a hoard of lovers of this book who’ll come at me armed with flaming torches and pitchforks if I rant too much about this, so I’ll try to limit showing my disdain in the next few sentences.

With no plot, bland and boring writing, AND TERRIBLY LONG CHAPTERS, I may or may not have died trying to get through this book. The romance was rushed( why did I think this was a slow burn??) and there was no?? plot?? continuity??

but um I kissed Shara Wheeler COMPLETELY MADE UP FOR THIS MESS OF A BOOK??? I love that book, so I hope I’ve redeemed myself to some extent 🤞

biggest surprise?

Station Eleven By Emily St John Mandel!! I don’t exactly have the most experience in adult fiction (aka zero) but this was a fantastic read!! A post-apocalyptic read which reminded me a bit too much of the past two years, with beautiful prose and well-thought-out characters, this book entertained me through and through!

favorite new author (debut or new to you)

I think my answer for this one would HAVE to be Chloe Gong, but since I’ve already mentioned her way too many times in this post already, I think I’ll have to go with V.E Schwab! The Shades of Magic series is now one of my all-time favorite fantasy series, plus their writing is simply PHENOMENAL! I love the amazing characters she created ( HI LILA AND KELL) PLUS THE WORLDBUILDING?? I plan on reading their other books too, and being the leader of a V.E Schwab fan club very soon.

newest favorite character

Gansey from The Raven Boys!! Even though I haven’t finished the series, Gansey is SUCH A FUN CHARACTER!! he’s smart, calculating, and actually empathetic when he needs to be, plus the bond he has with Blue and the other Raven Boys is so heartwarming!! A very sarcastic and lovable character, he simply has all my heart!

(ps. all credits for the fanart go to the creator of the artwork! )

a book that made you cry

the answer for this one is VERY VERY obvious, isn’t it? yup, that’s right- the song of achilles made me tear up like a little baby ! Even though I was well aware of the myth before reading this story, the way Madeline Miller articulated Patroculus’ thoughts about Achilles was simply heartbreaking to read, and the writing just makes you feel all sad and blue inside akjsiwioywg. I basically could not think straight for three days after reading this, and it’s one of my favorite books I read this year!

book that made you happy

Simon vs the homo-sapiens agenda by Becky Albertalli! THIS WAS SO CUTE! it gave me all the fluffy feelings, and I adore all the characters so much! Everything about this book was so pleasant, and the hilarious, and slightly emotionally unstable characters were a wonderful plus side!

favorite book-to-film adaptation

look is heartstopper a movie? no. Am I still going to consider it? YESSSS. I think I’ve done more than enough screaming in my last post about it, BUT IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED IT ALREADY GO DO SO NOW!! pretty aesthetic scenes + a perfect cast = AN ACCURATE TV ADAPTATION

most beautiful book you’ve bought this year

King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo!

I LOVE how the naked hardback looks, the gold foiling, and intricate designs are seriously SO PRETTY?? OBSESSED! 😭

book you need to read by the end of the year

I have SO SO MANY !! As a staple of every bookworm my never-ending tbr has actually become never-ending now, and well I’m a bit concerned for myself now.. But one book which I HAVE to read somehow by the end of this year is Jade Fire Gold !! After hearing more than stellar things about this book, I AM DYING TO GET TO THIS!! And the cover is SO PRETTY?? Plus the synopsis sounds wonderful AHHHHHH I NEED THIS!

What are a few of your favorite books of the year??? Any disappointing reads?? NEW RELEASE YOU’RE EXCITED FOR??? Also, what’s your insta handle if you have one?? I’d love to follow you ❤

AND THAT’S A WRAP! SUHANI HAS ACTUALLY FINISHED A POST ON TIME!!! WOOHOO!! I hope you all enjoyed this post, and thank you for reading!!


47 thoughts on “Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag || PLUS EXCITING NEWS!

  1. dude congrats on bookstagram!! omgg yesss chloe gong supremacy, ove is my favourite book of this year too?!? also join me in screaming at time to speed up so we can finally get foul lady fortune

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AHH thank YOU so much for convincing me to get it!! yesss, it was AMAZING??? i love it so much😭 I’M JOINING YOU foul lady fortune needs to come sooner!! thanks so much for reading ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. SUHANI!!! Congrats on starting a bookstagram, I can’t wait to see your posts!!! And omg you’ve reminded me that i need to read our violent ends asap…i can’t believe chloe gong has another book coming out in September (it sounds SO good aghhh).
    also YESSSS THE WICKED KINGGGG straight up the best book in the trilogy and anyone who denies that fact is WRONG. jude and cardan have the most insane dynamic and the wicked king shows that so well.
    GANSEY!!!! (That’s all I have to say about him, but he’s literally the best omg)
    This post was so much fun to read, I hope you’re having a wonderful summer!!💜


  3. AHHHH, SUHANI!!! I always love reading this tag anyway, but all your excited gushing made it even better!! 🤗🥰🤗 So much so that I’m even willing to forgive you for taking another dig at Red, White & Royal Blue (😭)… I mean, you loved Station Eleven! 🤗 And Heartstopper!!! 🤩🤩🤩 (I always post my Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag in the week of the summer solstice, but am I really spoiling too much if I tell you that my favorite book-to-movie adaptation is blatantly obvious this year? 🙃🤣)

    And mangoes, ice-cream, swimming and books just sound like the most perfect summer!! 😍

    Finally, congrats on the bookstagram! As an even less tech-savvy millennial, I’m not active around there at all, but I still wish you the best of luck with it! 💙 Not that I think you need it, though – with a blog as aesthetically pleasing as yours, I’m sure all your pictures are gonna be stunning, too!


  4. OMG HI HELLO!!! this post was legit so fun to read omg- and HOW are we halfway through this year already?? i’m not on instagram- and probably won’t be for a couple of years bc my parents are very strict in that department but congrats on getting one!! your acc looks amazing btw!! also happy summer ☀️ ice cream and mangoes and books are perfection, i hope you enjoy a lot!!
    omg i’m so so excitied for both OVE and foul lady fortune!! but also low key scared of getting to ove hehe.and i agree- the wicked king was the best book in the trilogy- the storyline was SO GOOD!! asghfjdsk i’m so sad to see RWARB was disappointing to you- i was looking forward to reading it :(( And i just know the song of achilles will destroy me and i can’t wait for it !! HAVE to agree with heartstopper, i can’t even think of any other movie/series better than it. and omg that edition of King of scars looks so pretty- my friend lent me her hardback edition of role of wolves a few days ago and man it’s just pretty 🥺🥺 Not sure if i’m gonna return it back XD and i hope you enjoy jade fire gold- it wasn’t the best but i still enjoyed it!!
    LOVELY POST, as always 💕💕


  5. This tag is like the royalty of all tags, it is one of the most fun tags and you’ve made it even better. I loved reading all your answers. You have 100% convinced me I need to read The Wicked King now (well TCP first). I am really behind on this series but it sounds like such a fun read and I need to get on it! ah… I’m so scared to read Our Violent Ends but another book I hope to read asap. I’ll admit I didn’t love Red, White and Royal Blue as much as the hype… I didn’t hate it though, but I agree those chapters were too long. I would even say the whole book could have been shorter.
    The King of Scars was one of the first hardback books I ever bought and still one of the best bare hardcovers I own. So pretty! 😍😍
    Love, LOVE, love this post and I hope you discover lots of great books in the rest of the year. Good luck with your GoodReads goal! 💗


  6. SUHANI DID I MENTION I LOVE THIS POST??? but yes, obviously i DO. I mean YOU wrote it??? Plus IT’S THE MID YEAR FREAK OUT TAG AKA MY MOST FAVORITE POST OF THE YEAR!!!! KJDWHJDWHGDHGD I LOVE IT ALL!! also. tysm for convincing me to BE DESPERATE for the wicked king because I FELL IN LOVE WITH THE CRUEL PRINCE BUT STILL SOMEHOW HAVEN’T READ WICKED KING YET?? but I’M RUNNING NOW, BYE. also FAMILY OF LIARS!! IJOADSHJSDAJH I’M SO SO EXCITED TO GET TO IT TOO?? BECAUSE THE ENTIRETY OF WE WERE LIARS WAS AMAZING AND WONDERFUL AND I DESPERATELY NEED MORE?? adding station eleven to my tbr rn THANK YOU! and did i mention i LOVE all the gansey appreciation?? GANSEY IS AMAZING. and your king of scars copy looks SO PRETTY, you have NO RIGHT showing off all the pictures and making us feel jealous like that, OKAY??! hjsjhhba i need jade fire gold so bad too 😭😭 might you be interested in br-ing?? 👀


  7. YAY SUMMER BREAK! Hope you enjoy the summer! (Also mango milkshakes sound amazing but maybe it’s because I like mango flavors.) You’re going to crush the Goodreads goal! And if not, I’ll let you steal some books from my challenge you can read vicariously through me lol.

    I wish I could say I know bookstagram but alas I haven’t posted in like 2 years at this rate? (I don’t know, I’m too lazy and it’s too much work… lazy is more accurate, though.) Honestly after a whole decade on Goodreads I’m honestly surprised they haven’t changed their layout in some way shape or form and even though there’s like a beta layout it’s even worse because I can’t even edit as a librarian for some reason without switching back??? Goodreads??? Are you okay??? 😭 (probably not; it’s fine, Goodreads, sometimes I don’t think I’m okay either.)

    THE WICKED KING WAS AMAZING. I honestly hated The Cruel Prince but I liked something about it so I gave the sequel a try and oops. So was Simon vs! I listened to the audiobook last year and it just gave off some of the cutest vibes and then immediately got to the others in the universe too.

    I also need to read Jade Fire Gold!!! (I keep pushing it off on my library holds and currently gave up. Buddy read??? 🥺 I’m the worst at buddy reading though… still making my way through Chain of gold with someone else and truly her patience is admirable.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AHH thank you!!! my summer’s been pretty good so far, hope yours is AMAZING as well!!! AND SAME I WILL DEVOUR ANYTHING WITH MANGO IN IT!! ahahah I ended up lowering it to 125 which is MUCH MORE FEASIBLE BUT I STILL MAY NEED TO STEAL SOME BOOKS FROM YOUR GOAL MWAHAHHA SO THANK YOU!!!

      I COMPLETELY relate laziness literally is the reason for me being so behind ON EVERYTHING! OMG YES!!! that format is disgusting and they still ask us to use html like what??😭 IT’S SO STUPID ARGH! Goodreads is in DEFINITELY not okay 😭😭

      YES YES YESSS!! ahhh the cruel prince is pretty basic BUT THAT SEQUEL AKSJSK!!! so glad you loved it!!! and ahhh Simon was adorable too, I still haven’t gotten to the other books in the universe though ( how were they???))

      SAMEEEE I KEEP PROCRASTINATING READING IT! AND OMG SURE!! I’d LOVE to buddy-read it with you!!! and haha don’t worry i’m very much a failure at buddy reading as well, so we’re in this together!!!(which platform do you want to use btw??? insta, google chat, or anything else?? )
      thanks SO SO MUCH for reading and leaving this lovely coment!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  8. You just reminded me that I need to do this post! I can’t believe we are here. I loved Our Violent Ends! It was so good and I just read it last month. Red, Royal and Blue was a big disappointment when I read it too. It was just too hyped for me, I guess! Schwab is such an amazing author!! I hope that you have an amazing summer break. I followed you on instagram, I’m @booksarethenewblack11 🙂


  9. i haven’t read tvd yet, but damn do i need to!! everyone keeps raving about them.

    as for the book that made you cry, i think i need to pick this up asap as i haven’t cried during a book since last year sometime. (ik it’s not the best practice but i like to feel something)


  10. Oh I love this, I need to get around to doing this tag year too! It looks like you’ve had a really great reading year so far (bar Red, White, And Royal Blue – I’m glad you loved I Kissed Shara Wheeler though as that’s on my tbr!). Thank you so much for sharing, I hope you have an amazing summer – and congrats on bookstagram, I should be making an account soon too so once I do I’ll be sure to follow you ❤


  11. Hello Suhani!! Nice to see you on bookstagram! Glad to see that you’ve found so many favourite reads this year, and I hope Jade Fire Gold will be another one for you (really fast-paced and exciting!)! Love your edition of King of Scars, lovely post! 💓


  12. I’m glad you joined Bookstagram! And don’t worry about figuring things out – I do social media for work sometimes and I still struggle 😂 I have yet to read Our Violent Ends because I didn’t want it to end but now that Foul Lady Fortune is coming out I’m not putting it off!


  13. Ahh I hope you have a great summer break!!!!!!
    Goodreads really is chaotic….This year I’ve been so bad at updating and organizing my goodreads and I’m honestly not sure whether I should update it again or just leave it like this.
    I really need to pick up a Chloe Gong book because they all sound so good?? But I did finally buy these violets delights so maybe I’ll get to it soon. And yes V.E Schwab’s books are amazing!!!!!
    That king of scars edition is so beautiful?!?!?!?!?! I’ve been eyeing the six of crows and crooked kingdom special editions for a while because the bookstores here keep shoving them in my face and they are so pretty….


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  15. So interesting to see what you thought of Red, White & Royal Blue as everyone seems to love this one. I enjoyed it but I had a few issues with it as well. I’m planning on reading The Song of Achilles this year and I am terrified!!!!


  16. OMG seeinf Our Violent Delights on this list reminds me that I NEED to pick up These Violent Delights. I’ve heard really good things about those books! It’s actually sad that I haven’t gotten around to reading them yet! AHHHH


  17. Ooh congratulations on getting a bookstagram account. I have one but only use it for messages atm. Whenever I finally start posting on my blog properly again I do hope to do so on there too though. Anyway I hope your account is going well.

    Ooh high praise for These Violent Ends!! I definitely need to check that out sometime. Especially now that I’ve seen that the author’s next book is set in the same world.
    Wicked King is amazing!! I can never decide between that & Cruel Prince favourite wise though. I so adore the characters & world though 😍
    Ooh I still need to read We Were Liars (or anything by the author). I hope the new one lives up to your expectations though. Also its kind of a relief to see someone not love Red, White & Royal Blue. Its still on my tbr but the hype is so high that I’m kind of scared to read it 😅 at least now I know I won’t be utterly alone if I dislike it though 😂
    Ooh its lovely when a different genre surprises you. Last year my biggest surprise was a short story collection which utterly blew me away. Oddly my biggest (or maybe joint biggest?) disappointment was also one though.
    Ooh I seriously need to check out Song Of Achilles. I adored Circe but still need to read that one. A lot of Greek mythology seems to be popping up on my tbr lately.
    I still haven’t seen or read Heartstopper 🙈 and yes Kingdom Of Scars is stunning. I love books with foil beneath the jacket 😍
    Oh & snap on Jade Fire Gold. I treated myself to it earlier this year so I do seriously need to read it soon. Fingers crossed we both end up loving it.

    Picking one favourite is so, so hard!! Some of my favourites so far this year are Gilded, Daughter Of The Moon Goddess & Book Of Night though. Thrilled that the second of those even has a sequel out at the end of the year despite only coming out in 2022. Biggest disappointment was probably Real Easy or Cheerleaders. Both were pretty underwhelming for thrillers. Although still better than the ones that let me down last year 😅 I’m excited for so much but ill stick with three: All Our Demise, Violet Made Of Thorns & House Of Hunger. I probably could list hundreds though 🙈


  18. Our Violent Ends was amazing!! I am also excited to read Family of Liars! I’m rereading We Were Liars right now cause I need a little refresher, it’s been a while. Foul Lady Fortune can’t come soon enough! And of course Heartstopper is perfection!


  19. Aah I need to read These Violent Delights and The Raven Boys!!! Also,YES The Wicked King is superior. The Song of Achilles destroyed me. I read it a year ago and I’m still sad


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