A Fashionably Late November Wrap-Up

hiiiiiiii, helloo and welcome! November was admittedly a pretty weird month for me ~ the beginning of it being average, the middle being kinda bad but the end being pretty great! So anyways without further ado let’s see whether I actually did anything this month. P.S .I added movies and music to this wrap up as well otherwise with just books it would be pathetically short.

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On Repeat #2 // what I’ve been listening to recently + November Playlist

Hii helloo and welcomee to another episode of On Repeat ,but this time we have another feature – (cue dramatic pause) my November playlistt *awkward silence*. Moving along from that, I also redesigned my blog and changed the theme and let’s just say I’m in lovee. :)))) okay now let us actually get onto the post *whoosshhh*

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