BONE GAP by Laura Ruby- Book Review


Everyone knows Bone Gap is full of gaps—gaps to trip you up, gaps to slide through so you can disappear forever. So when young, beautiful Roza went missing, the people of Bone Gap weren’t surprised. After all, it wasn’t the first time that someone had slipped away and left Finn and Sean O’Sullivan on their own. Just a few years before, their mother had high-tailed it to Oregon for a brand new guy, a brand new life. That’s just how things go, the people said. Who are you going to blame?

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20 Questions Book Tag

Hi,hello and welcome!(or welcome back) Today I’m doing the 20 questions book tag! I initially found this on tag on the blog paperfury. I haven’t done a tag on this blog yet so I thought it would be really fun to do!(I had actually planned to do a book review but i was too lazy shhh don’t tell anyone¯\_(ツ)_/¯) So without further ado lets go

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Monthly Wrap Up- September

Hello, hi and welcome! September honestly wasn’t a great reading month for me ಥ_ಥ along with exams(my marks weren’t too bad surprisingly hahah) and tons of homework I couldn’t get much reading done. But anyways without further ado lets go to the bookkss(☞゚ヮ゚)☞, [I’m obsessed with emoticons can you tell]

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