Things I don’t like about my favourite books|| unpopular opinions ahead, also hi I’m not dead ( hopefully )

Yes as you can see I’ve finally decided to emerge from the depths of the dark dingy corner of my room, abandon the tub of ice cream I was devouring and finally sit down and attempt to write a post once again…

As clearly seen from the month-long breaks between my posts, by now we all know that I’m a huge fan of unannounced hiatuses. But ahem as is the reason for all inconveniences in life, this hiatus was once again caused by school… specifically FINALS (gasp), and did they go well??

I mean sort of?? I don’t really want to think about how I barely studied but hey I did pretty well I think( English went BRILLIANTLY so I’m more than happy ) BUT THE GOOD PART IS THAT THEY ARE OVER SO YAYYY. But well, Hello once again, no I haven’t died, AND I PROMISE I WILL TRY TO BECOME BETTER AT BLOGGING FROM HENCEFORTH.

but WHAT ABOUT READING??BOOKS??? *hides* I haven’t read a single book in the entirety of March (geez what a surprise) and am currently 6 books behind my Goodreads goal. See this is the reason why I don’t use the app as much these days BECAUSE IT’S JUST VERY EMBARASSING LOOKING AT HOW I’M FAILING AT EVERYTHING IN LIFE (true goals right here). BUT I did read some amazing books in February (hi station eleven and not my problem, I love you) so at least something went well?

But moving on to much much better things in life- I’ve graduated middle school!! yes, it’s definitely not as big of a deal as I’m making it to be BUT HEY I NEED TO FEEL ACCOMPLISHED IN LIFE. I mean is it weird that I’m actually looking weird to my freshman year?? * yes it’s very weird ew this all thanks to exams* I’m excited to LEARN AND STUDY for some reason?? *god the exams are finally getting to me* but yes high school means me being overly excited and giddy for some reason. BUT MOVING ON TO EVEN BETTER NEWS~

*drumroll please*

MY BIRTHDAY IS COMING UP!! EEEEKK!! I’m turning fourteen (FOURTEEN) and of course, birthdays are a VERY big deal so I must celebrate by dedicating this whole paragraph to that. My birthday is on 25th March ( I HOPE YOU ARE AS EXCITED AS I AM OR ELSE I WON’T GIVE YOU CAKE IF YOU DO. I’M CERTAIN THAT YOU WOULD LIKE SOME CAKE ) AND I !! AM !! SO !! EXCITED !! ( AT THE TIME THIS IS GETTING PUBLISHED MY BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW?? *EXCITED SCREAMING*)

Now moving on to the actual part of the post, today I shall be telling you things I hate about my favorite books. And why am I willing to torture myself in such devious ways?? because I’m having an existential crisis about my reading choices that’s why 😃 I got this idea from jessethereader’s youtube channel AND I BASICALLY JUST WANTED TO TORMENT MYSELF I GUESS?? As much as I LOVE these books with my whole heart they are in no way perfect so without further ado let us begin…


artwork link!!

If you didn’t know already, I LOVE this book ( WHO DOESN’T??) but I will admit when I read it for the first time I had quite a few gripes regarding it. The main reason for this was because I WAS FEELING DUMB and decided to not read shadow and bone before reading six of crows ?? WHAT WAS I THINKING. I was so irritated and frustrated reading the first two hundred pages of the book and by then I couldn’t even enjoy the rest of the book. WELL LUCKILY I REREAD IT LATER AND OH MY GOSH THE EXPERIENCE WAS SO MUCH BETTER!! I do think that if there was one part that could have been better executed it should have been the heist. Don’t get me wrong I adored it but after so so much anticipation leading up to that final moment, I found the actual heist to be a teensy bit underwhelming. Now moving on to the sequel, WHICH IS THE SUPERIOR BOOK IN THE DUOLOGY AHEM ( I will fight you if you argue with me on that fact but fair warning you’d probably win because I have no martial arts skills), there was one, just one major problem about this book. * WARNING: MAJOR MAJOR SPOILER AHEAD* I mean I think everyone knows what I’m bitter about by now right? Matthias’ death. Yep, that was easily THE MOST UNNECESSARY PLOT POINT IN THIS BOOK!! I mean it happened at the complete end, AND IT COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED ARGH. There was absolutely no reason for it, and in my opinion, I felt like the only person who was even profoundly affected by it was Nina?? Like I thought there would be so much more mourning, but like no?? what even. After everything he’s done for his crew/friends, basically ABANDONING everything he’s grown up believing in, this is what happens? Like heck, this happened at the end of the book so it didn’t even add much to the character growth or anything. Yes, I will FOREVER be bitter about this.


artwork link!!

I CANNOT SPEAK ILL OF THIS BOOK, so thinking about something bad about this WAS PAINSTAKINGLY HARD. I have half the mind to just leave this part blank but I won’t give up like that. 😩 After BREAKING MY MIND thinking about this, I guess the writing style was juvenile at times, it’s obviously expected from a contemporary but it felt a bit too casual and not really too fleshed out for my tastes. I STILL LOVE THIS THOUGH AND WILL FORCE YOU TO READ IT IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY. ( ALSO ISN’T THIS ARTWORK THE CUTEST THING EVER?!)


artwork belongs to respective owner! couldn’t find the link though 😦

*ahem, I have a full post going into my detailed thoughts about this soooo you can check it out ahem*

First of all, I like to think of this series as more of an older favorite of mine. It was one of the first series I read when I was venturing into the YA genre, so if I reread this now a lot of my thoughts would be… different? But I do have a lot of feelings about this one so I could not resist putting it in here.

Okay, my first problem in this series is Scarlet, both the book and the character. I hate Scarlet *runs* She has no intentions, is basically just a backseat character, and exists for the sake of existing??? There’s nothing unique about her AND SHE IS JUST SO DUMB AJISHS. And god the book- it isn’t bad of course (compared to books like the jewel it’s a masterpiece) but it’s easily the worst one from the series. The too-quick change of settings, Wolf( just Wolf that’s it), and the poorly done romance between Scarlet and Wolf? (they don’t know each other and in the next second fall in love, yea right.) This book was also UNBELIEVABLY boring at times but very glad I pushed through to read THE MASTERPIECE that was cress. Another quip about this series was that everyone just HAD to have a romantic relationship with someone?? I love all of them but they fell in love too fast I guess?? like even independent sarcastic queen Iko ended up with someone ( don’t get me wrong very happy for her but the point was just pushed too far )


artwork belongs to respective owner! couldn’t find the link though 😦

AM I REGRETTING MY LIFE CHOICES NOW?? UM YES. remind me again why I’m doing this 😭😭😭 but since this is the ultimate love of my life don’t expect anything ranty BECAUSE I WILL BE BIASED. So I love this book and in my eyes it is flawless but well if I really HAVE to be forced into being critical I think if I had any problems it would be in the second book. The first time I read the torch in the night I was SO LET DOWN. Everything felt rushed and the newer incorporation of the fantasy elements fell out of place in my eyes but after my reread I JUST FEEL IN LOVE ALL OVER AGAIN. The second one is still my least favorite from the series and the pacing is pretty bad thinking about it BUT THE REST OF THE SERIES IS WORTH IT 100%!!


percy artwork made by viria !

I HATE MYSELF FOR EVEN THINKING THAT THIS POST WAS A GOOD IDEA?? HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO BASH ON PERCY JACKSON? H O W. But I mean one thing I’ll have to say that annoyed me was the lack of Grover in the latter books. Grover is one of my favorites but the fact that he becomes more of a minor character at the end of the series irked me SO.MUCH. Also, this is much more of a personal opinion but why is Rachel hated on so much?? Yes that whole kiss with Percy thing was a lot but she isn’t a bad character at all, and the fandom gives her way too much hate FOR NO REASON.

Moving on to the heroes of Olympus, as much as I love this series, there are a lot of underwhelming aspects to it-

  • Jason. That’s it. That’s my whole problem. A wannabe Percy, has no personality, acts like a perfectionist and seemingly has no flaws, and his relationship with Piper (awkwarrrddd). His POV was terrible to read and *cough* I may or may not have skipped a few of his chapters
  • THE DISASTER WHICH WAS BLOOD OF OLYMPUS- WHAT WAS THIS. After getting the absolute perfection which was the last olympian we get this run down, last minute scramble of chapters as an ‘ending’ to this series. The battle wasn’t even an actual battle and IT WAS SO SLOW. Honestly it really just felt like a money grab to make more people read the trials of apollo ( especially after what happened to Leo )
  • The whole introduction of Camp Jupiter- This was just so confusing. Rick riordan tried to cram as much Roman Mythology as he possibly could in one book AND IT WAS NOT A FUN READING EXPERIENCE. I’d often find myself turning back every few pages being like- “lol what?? who is this dude?”. It was too much for my poor ten year old brain to understand.
  • from the above sentence it obviously seems like I despise this series BUT I ABSOLUTELY DON’T OKAY!! After the heartbreaking amazingness of Mark of Athena and House of Hades I could never not love it. I personally find those to be the only 5 star reads for me from the series but I guess I still mainly consider this as a favourite because of the nostalgia.

Any unpopular opinions you have about your favourite books?? What are some old favorites that you think you would hate if you reread them today?? IS THE BLOOD OF OLYMPUS THE WORST FINALE EVER?? ( the answer is yes) CAN YOU BELIEVE I’M SO OLD ALREADY?!

Well, that’s it for today! sorry if I sound deranged it’s because more than half this post was written at twelve in the night AND I THINK I FORGOT HOW TO WRITE DECENT-ISH POSTS AND THAT’S WHY THIS IS ALSO SO MISERABLY SHORT. I’LL DO BETTER NEXT TIME I PROMISE. OH AND I’M SO SO SORRY FOR NOT RESPONDING TO COMMENTS!! My dumb brain keeps on forgetting to do so BUT HOPEFULLY I’LL RESPOND TO ALL OF THEM BY NEXT WEEK!! Thank you for readinggg!!


65 thoughts on “Things I don’t like about my favourite books|| unpopular opinions ahead, also hi I’m not dead ( hopefully )

  1. Ikr? Does everyone in the Lunar chronicles have to end up with a love interest? Still a great series. It was the second YA I read after the hunger games.
    Percy Jackson, I had no idea that people hated Rachel. I always liked her. Yeahhhhhhh, the last series was a little rushed. Yessss, where on earth is Grover?! Plus I was gonna rip out the book’s heart if Leo died.


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