Hello, Hi and welcome! Today I’m doing the chapters and melodies book tag, which I was tagged for by Evin over at A curly Sue’s Ramblings (eeek thank you). This tag was created by Evin at A Curly Sue’s Ramblings and Diamond over at I have 12% of a plan. Anyways without further ado, let’s go :⁍

I had to think about this one for so so so long and I still wasn’t exactly very successful. Well, I found one, it’s not exactly the same but hey at least it’s something- Since you’ve been gone by Morgan Matson and Since U been gone by Kelly Clarkson. That’s close enough right??? (probably not lol)

After searching through Spotify for a while I actually did find something- Carry on by fun has the same title as the book Carry on by Rainbow Rowell( I just found this song and wow I’m kinda loving it)

I have a whole playlist dedicated to these kinds of songs *evil laugh* Anyways Burned by Grace Vanderwaal really reminds me of The Young Elites trilogy by Marie Lu. Also, Ribs by Lorde totally makes me think of the Lunar Chronicles!

oohh I definitely know that this Savage song By Victoria Schwab has musical elements in it, and I’m pretty sure Passenger by Alexandra Bracken does too( I haven’t exactly gotten around to it though ahem ahem,-yes I am indeed ashamed)

*blanks out* I have so many favourite ships what do I even cHOoSEeE. I think Bloom by Troye Sivan reminds me a lot of Cath and Levi from fangirl? I don’t think it’s the perfect song to describe them but it seems pretty close.

huh, this is a really interesting question… I haven’t really watched that many books to movie adaptations but I’m pretty sure the catching fire movie has some really great songs- elastic heart, everybody wants to rule the world, etc. I think I’ll go with everybody wants to rule the world then :]

and lastly, here’s who I tag…

Rayna- Ray’s Realm

Anoushka- Dipped in Ink

Cari- Book Bliss

Rabhya Maini- Rab’s Bookish Planet


Thank you all for reading, and hope you enjoyed :), let me know your thoughts in the comments below. ByEEEEeEeeEEeEEe

15 thoughts on “THE CHAPTERS & MELODIES TAG 🎶

  1. I loveeee music !! Fun have some good songs… I was obsessed with ‘why am I the one’ earlier this year !! I will have to give carry on a listen though !! I loved the young elites trilogy so I shall have to give anyways burned a listen too !! Everybody wants to rule the world is a good shout !! I loved reading your answers !! 💖

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    1. Yesss i adore listening to music too, it just helps me to relax and get into a whole new universe.. ohh that’s cool I’ve only heard carry on by them I’ll check the other songs aswell! Yayyy the young elites is amazing, and burned is a great song too! I’ve been obsessed with a lot of grace vanderwaal’s songs lately 😂 thanks so much for reading, glad you enjoyed!!!💕💕✨

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