Book Haul

Hi, Hello and welcome! Today i decided to show everyone a few of the books i have recently impulsively bought :] So without further a do lets begin.

Language of thorns by Leigh Bardugo

When I saw this in the bookstore I literally screamed. This was out of stock EVERYWHERE but I’m so glad I finally found it. This contains a bunch of stories from the Grishaverse and has the most gorgeous illustrations inside it(ALSO I COULDNT RESIST BUYING THIS BECAUSE OF THE COVER)

Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson

I’m a huge fan of Morgan Matson and I have never really gotten around to picking this one up. I actually just finished this last night and its probably my favourite Morgan Matson book ever- its just the perfect blend of happiness and despair. Highly recommend picking this one up 😉 warning- you will shed a lot of tears

Bone Gap by Laura Ruby

I was very hesitant picking this one up, the summary didn’t seem all that appealing to me , and i couldn’t fully grasp what the plot is about. I’ve heard extremely good things about this though and maybe it could be a good change for me- I haven’t been reading a lot of fantasy of late so maybe this could help.(Also when i first saw this i was very freaked out by the cover but now I’ve come to terms with it…sorta)

An abundance of Katherines by John Green

I have a love-hate relationship with John Green’s books. I thought that the fault in our stars with extremely overhyped but on the other hand i loved turtles all the way down. I’m quite excited to see how this one goes. The summary seems very VERY boring but then again most summaries don’t stay true to the plot of the book. Crossing my fingers and hopiing for the best :>

Passenger by Alexandra Bracken

Passenger, from what I’ve heard, is a book focusing and time travel which is so cool. I dont think I’ve ever read a book with time as one of the main plot lines so I’m very interested in seeing how it will play out. ALSO THE BOOK IS SO SO SOOOOO PRETTY AAAAAAAAAA

We Dream of space by Erin Entrada Kelly

I saw this book in the ‘award winning’ section in the bookstore. The book follows three siblings and the troubles they each face. I love family related books because – I almost always end up crying, and the book almost always ends up in my favourites list. Really excited to start this cute middle grade novel.

AND THATSSS IT FOR THISS HAULL. Thank you so much for reading my first ever blog post(VERY SURREAL) and have fun readingggg !!!



2 thoughts on “Book Haul

  1. NO BUT ALL OF THESE LOOK GORGEOUS HOW COULD YOU PUT THEM ON HERE AND NOT EXPECT US TO SCREAMM?? if you ever find your language of thorns copy missing, know that i’ve stolen it AND AM NOT SORRY FOR DOING SO AT ALL

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    1. OH MY GOD THIS WAS THE FIRST POST I EVER WROTE AND IT’S DISGUSTING LOOKING BACK ON IT HAHAHAH😂😂 I basically forgot about it 💀💀 BUT IT WAS MY VERY INTENTION TO MAKE YOU ALL SCREAM SO I AM VERY GLAD IT WORKED OUT *cackle* also shh it’s been like almost 6 months but I still haven’t read language of thorns, I just gaze at the illustrations for hours on end 👀👀

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